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I've been known to look quite handsome
At a certain angle, in a certain light...
(Angle - behind the nearest solid object. Light - absence thereof)

Maybe death will stop your yammering!

The surface of the sea looks calm, but underneath, the sand is pushed, forced into pathways. I want to be a rock star. I play keyboards, guitar, cello, drums, bass, electric violin - all badly.

You want to know more? There isn't more. I've lived, loved, lost and found, I'm dead yet alive and still twitching. Only I can see what's inside, there are mirrors inside my eyes (and I wear my sunglasses at night).

Home is definitely where the heart is...

EdwardS: Zen, obsessive, boring, geeky, control freak, self-reliant, selfish and social-phobic, unpolitically-correct and occasionally offensive. Pros - I probably live a LONG way from you and you'll never actually meet me.

Reminding me that I now over 30 and have done nothing with my career or life other than fuck up in a remarkable number of ways for someone who hasn't even tried LSD will be met with the same total lack of reaction as everything else.

I have an Amazon wishlist, but I get uncomfortable about random gifts (I know some people look for them) - so this is only really for really close friends/family. Wishlist.

I would be grateful to anyone (and reimburse them) if they find things in secondhand shops, old music shops and the like. These things are:

  • LCD digital watches with stainless steel straps (Casio/Timex/Seiko) if they're cheap - they don't need to work.

  • Old synths and stuff, if you find them in unlikely places or at unlikely prices - even if I don't want it I'd like to know about it in case I know someone who does.

Allergy warning: Contains nuts and a source of phenylaline.

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definitely like books, have some hobbies, lots of other, movies, music, too.
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